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Hamptons Girl



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The grapes for this wine are sourced from diverse terroirs, primarily from the Herault Valley’s mid-slope vineyards, influenced by the Mediterranean climate, yielding rich, warm, sun-drenched wines. Further south, are the sandy alluvial soils around the Thau lagoon that add to this microclimate. The Herault Valley boasts a long, involved history of producing wine, marred with tragedies, betrayals, twists, turns and heartbreaks that read like an epic romance. In recent years this history has engendered a renaissance in the industry, with increased investment, both from those who have lived here for generations and from new world wine makers who have only recently fallen in love with the region. Today this passion is seen in our wine makers as they are doing everything they can to champion our Hamptons Girl Rose, vintage by vintage.


The grapes are pressed as soon as they arrive in the cellar, within a few short hours they are taken off the skins. Gentle pressing techniques allow the fresh juice to obtain a pale rosé color, with aromas that are more subtle, elegant, fine and delicate. It is by using these techniques and all of our expertise that we craft each vintage of Hamptons Girl Rose in the most delicate of ways.

Grape varieties : 60% grenache 40% syrah


Reveals a seductive and pure petal pink color. Full of freshness, on its nose, Hamptons Girl Rose offers elegant aromas of fresh, delicious fruits like redcurrant. This is supported secondarily by a slightly lemony, mineral and saline note. Finally, its rich strawberry backbone, lends to its long and intense finish; a signature of a rosé that has been produced with select grapes from carefully managed vineyards with low yields.


A very convivial wine, this rose suits perfectly as an aperitif, ideally with charcuterie or light spicy tapas style dishes. Our rose matches nicely with any mixed salad dish and can stand up incredibly well to poultry and salmon dishes. For an enhanced experience, try this rose with duck or lamb served pink.

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